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Aspire Breeze Charger Dock

spire Breeze Charger Dock – 2000mAh Optional 2000mAh Charging Dock for the Aspire Breeze Starter KitFeatures and Specs: Dimensions: 3-1/8″ x

Bo cable charger

Bo cable is the perfect accessory to have complete freedom. Bo cable is a USB charger so you can charge your device anywhere you want, your home, your computer, your car… Moreover, thanks to its 28in cord you will be able to vape during the charging.

Bo Power Charging Station

د.إ220.00 د.إ175.00
Charging station with a personalisable and multi coating. With this charging and storage station, your BŌ one or TC will remain safe and will be able to charge up to 4 times. The station charges by itself thanks to a micro USB connection. More autonomy allowing you more freedom.

Car charger for IQOS

د.إ50.00 د.إ35.00
1.Adaptable to a wide range of ambience temperature. 2.Out super static safe current. 3.Thougutful protetion mechanism including: Immediate reaction to protect scenarions of over-charging, over-releasing ,short-circuit; Ultrahigh ESD protection. 4.Compatible with most car in the market. 5.Allows 3-mins quick charging. color choice:

Coil master smart charger

د.إ130.00 د.إ90.00
Coil Master A4 charger is totally redesigned and dedicated for vapers. The unique housing structure makes extremely easy of putting batteries in & out. Full range of protection features protect your batteries and charging process from top to bottom. Maximum output 2 amp charging within single slot greatly speed up your charging period. Coil Master A4 charger is a 4-battery-slot intelligent charger mainly used for charging 26650 18650 lithium battery. It can process charging by monitoring the battery capacity automatically. Besides, every 4-battery-slot charger is configured with four micro-computer processed charging slots. Thus, users can place corresponding type of batteries to perform recharging in every charging slot. Features: -Capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously -Each of the four battery slots monitors and charges Independently -Optimized charging design for Flat head IMR batteries -Compatible with small capacity batteries -Automatically stops charging when complete -Made from durable ABS(inherently fire/flame resistant) -Redesigned slot mechanical structure could easily place and remove batteries -Reverse polarity protection -Designed for optimal heat dissipation -Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC Specifications: – Input: DC5V, 6A – Output: 4.2V DC(max) – 2 Amp(max) 2nd & 3th port – 1 Amp(max) 1st & 4th port – Housing material: ABS – Dimension: 142 x 113 x 36mm – Weight: 178g (without adaptor)

HomeQos charger

د.إ75.00 د.إ50.00
USB charger for IQOS

Jili box / jilibox as power bank for Juul or jull charger or jull case

a 1200mAh PCC for JUUL, JILI case from uptown-tech Thanks for buying JILI, the ultra-portable PCC for JUUL mods! You

JULL Charger – JUUL Charging Case

JULL Charger Portable JUUL Charging Case JULL is a robust and simple charging case for the JUUL. Designed to save your



الاسم : Nitecore I2

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nitecore new i4


الاسم : Nitecore I4

عدد البطاريات : 4


Nitecore Q4

Brand new Q Series Cute Charger, with output current up to 2000mA in a single slot. Q4 has revolutionary charging mode for IMR batteries and charges 4 Li-ion batteries independently

Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger

Product introduction The charging current of Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger is up to 6A in total and maximum charging current up to